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Why buy an Elliptical Crosstrainer ?

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The crosstrainer is still one of the most sold and used equipment by both men and women.

So why has the Elliptical trainer remained so popular over the years? Well, the main reason is actually a simple theory and that is: “What’s Good is… Remains“.

The elliptical cross trainer is one of the most complete exercises (except for the rowing machine) that you can perform. It is, as it were, a cross between the stepper or stair and the cross-country movement. The cross-country movement mainly has the advantage of being a cross-sectional movement. So left arm forward, right leg back and vice versa. Through this cross movement you train pelvis and shoulder blades loose. This movement is also effective for lower back problems as most of these problems come from the pelvis. It is common knowledge that a problem at the level of the pelvic floor slowly but surely climbs upwards. Loosening the pelvis is therefore very important. In nature you often see this movement in dogs and cats that stretch sight, left front leg forward and right hind leg backward, so a very logical way to stretch the body considerably.

The elliptical cross trainer has the advantage of not giving shocks during practice. No shocks means no impact on joints and tendons and is therefore a very good exercise for people with knee, ankle and back problems. As you can hear in the name, the elliptical cross trainer has an elliptical movement. A movement that goes forward and upwards. The larger the turning circle, the greater the amplitude of the movement. In general, a larger amplitude gives a finer movement for the sports and certainly encourages longer workouts.

In short, the crosstrainer is a fine device that gives very good results.

Do you burn more fat with an elliptical cross trainer?

In principle, you can burn the same amount of fat with each device since fat burning depends on the heart rate. If you train at a heart rate higher than 75% of your maximum heart rate, you won’t burn fats. So training longer at a lower heart rate (even chatter pace) will give more results than short workouts in orange or red zone. Before training at a high heart rate, it is certainly advisable to consult your doctor or even better, the cardiologist for a medical test.

Do you burn more fat with an elliptical cross trainer? No, the way you exercise determines your fat burning.

Do more muscles work while training on an elliptical cross trainer? Yes, on an elliptical cross trainer almost all muscles of the body work together. As a result, you will automatically increase the heart rate faster than on a regular exercise bike where mainly the legs work.

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