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How Choosing the best exercise bike?

When buying an exercise bike, the following things are important to keep in mind.

Saddle: A large comfortable saddle is important to be able to train longer and not get saddle pain.

Speed: our advice is to purchase a device that can handle your speeds or the RPMs. More expensive models are fitted with heavier bearings.

Sound: a decent exercise bike should not make any annoying noise during training. Older generations of exercise bikes do that and this is harmful during your training

Low step: For less mobile people who are rehabilitating, there are bicycles with low step. This simplifies the accessibility of the appliance and provides extra comfort

Resistance: The maximum resistance can be important depending on your level of training. If you can always pedal above 200 watts, you should buy a heavier type of exercise bike that can easily accommodate these values.

Training computer: A computer must display at least the following information: speed, time, distance, calorie consumption and heart rate. More extensive computers with a variety of programs provide better motivation and varied training which will lead to results faster.

Safety: for safety reasons, a good exercise bike has solid ground supports that ensure that the device stands firmly and certainly cannot tilt during use.

Weight of the exercise bike: A decent exercise bike always has a decent own weight due to the heavier construction. The braking system, on the other hand, now weighs less by the use of electronic brakes.

Did you know ?… by riding your exercise bike daily at low heart rate your cholesterol levels can go down significantly. Definitely worth an investment

Maximum user weight: A good strong exercise bike can handle a user weight of 130 kilograms.

Warranty: You may not immediately think about it. And a good thing too, a fitness machine serves to move. This naturally inevitably entails wear and tear. Therefore, it is important that you choose your warranty and maintenance based on how often you wish to use the treadmill. If you buy at VPS, you can sleep on both ears we have spare parts up to 25j back, so you don’t stand still.

did you know?… Weight loss is optimal at low heart rate. An exercise bike with heart rate measurement (Polar) is a must!

However, the choice of an exercise bike is always of a personal nature, how intensively are you going to use the exercise bike, what are your goals, what is your budget etc. The above points are therefore considerations which you can take with you when you purchase your exercise bike.