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How to buy the right elliptical cross trainer?

When purchasing an elliptical trainer or crosstrainer, the following things are important:

Pedals: Large ergonomic pedals make it more fun to train longer and will put less pressure on the soles of the feet.

Speed: our advice is to purchase a device that can handle your speeds or the RPMs. More expensive models are fitted with heavier bearings.

Sound: a decent cross trainer should not make any annoying noise during training. Older generations of appliances do this and this is harmful during your training

Step-up: the step-on of an elliptical must be able to proceed without any problems. So it is best that you always test a device on the spot before purchasing.

Resistance: The maximum resistance can be important depending on your level of training. if you can handle wattages above 150 Watts, then you would do well to purchase a heavier device that can easily handle these values.

Training computer: A computer must display at least the following information: time, distance, calorie consumption and heart rate. More extensive computers with a variety of programs provide better motivation and varied training which will lead to results faster.

Safety: for safety reasons, a good elliptical cross trainer has solid ground supports that ensure that the device stands firmly and certainly cannot tilt during use.

Weight of the elliptical cross trainer: A decent exercise bike always has a decent own weight due to the heavier construction. The braking system, on the other hand, weighs less and less nowadays due to the use of (electro) magnetic brakes.

did you know?… By exercising daily to low heart rate your cholesterol levels can go down significantly. Definitely worth an investment

Maximum user weight: an average good crosstrainer can handle a user weight of 90 kilograms. More expensive models go up to 130 Kg and higher

Guarantee: You may not immediately think about it, but warranty is very important with your purchase. A device that is widely used must have a decent warranty and service. That is why it is important that you find out how long a company already exists. A company that for example already exists for 20 to 30 years is a serious reference to your decision to purchase. Always ask if there are spare parts in stock and go on the spot to see everything.

did you know?… Weight loss is optimal at low heart rate. A elliptical with heart rate measurement (Polar) is a must!

However, the choice of the right crosstrainer is always of a personal nature, how intensively do you use this device, what are your goals, what is your budget? Etc. The above points are therefore points of attention that you can take into account when purchasing your elliptical cross trainer.

A question we hear every day.. With which machine do I lose the most fat? Which device should I buy to lose weight? How do I get one tummy away? How do I get rid of fat buttocks?

Via Google and Youtube you will have found enough stories which device is best for fat burning; in reality, on the other hand, the device doesn’t really matter.

Whichever movement you do it is purely about long training at a low heart rate and this 3 times a week with a posh and cautious construction. In terms this is called long duration training. Â and whether you’re doing this on a treadmill, an exercise bike or a elliptical doesn’t matter that much. You have to do what you love to do! One person prefers to walk and the others prefer to cycle. What you definitely need to know is that there are no miracle cures and certainly no magic. Just start exercising regularly and watching your diet is the message.

Many products can seriously harm the health. Always consult your GP or a sports doctor before you have certain supplements is the best advice we can give to VPS. Â

How to start training?

First of all we recommend to make an appointment with a sports doctor or a cardiologist! Normally they will take an EKG and take a thorough test on the test bike. From here you will find your throughput heart rate and this data is very important in further training.

At the doctor you can also get advice on which heart rate you are best to train in the first few months to achieve optimal fat burning. Normally you will have to train at low heart rate.

We always recommend that you place your device in such a way that you can combine this with watching television. Instead of just sitting in the plop, you can easily watch your favourite programmes. The usefulness to the pleasant mating is thus the message and you will notice, time flies so over.

Finally, this

Always Drink enough water while exercising! What you lose to moisture you have to drink while exercising.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We at VPS are always ready to help and support our customers. Simply selling the most expensive item is not our ambition at all. We are always looking for the appliance tailored to our customers. We first listen to the client and then make the choice of the appliance together. What is the customer’s goal? Is it for 1 person or a whole family? Daily or sporadic use? Rehabilitation? These are just a few points that play a role in the choice of your device. We do our job with a lot of passion and dedication and we want to transfer this to our customers. The customer must leave with a good feeling so that he can start training with full courage. VPS already has an extensive customer base that has been built up by good mouth to mouth publicity. We therefore strive to maintain our good name and, if possible, even improve it.