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How do I start exercising?

First of all we recommend to make an appointment with a sports doctor or a cardiologist.
Normally they will take an EKG and take a thorough test on the test bike.
From Here you will find your saturation heart rate and this data is very important in the further evolution in training.
Here we are not about to expand considering the complexity of training study.

At the (sports) doctor you can also get advice on which heart rate you are best to train In the first few months to achieve optimal fat burning. Normally you will have to train at low heart rate.
What is low heart rate? Well, a simple rule of thumb is the following: (220 – age) x 0.7 (example: for a person of 40 years old: (220 – 40) x 0.7 = 126 BPM as maximum (attention! This is purely informative for a healthy person. Always Follow the advice of your sports doctor or cardiologist!)

What is also nice to know is that you only start burning fat after about 30 minutes. We can set this complex apart, but this is easy to understand in practice.

If you don’t do any sport for years then you should start cycling or moving at a chatter pace with about ten minutes. As long as you can easily talk while exercising, you are normally perfectly in your green heart rate zone.
Build up this time gradually to train for 1 hour. Normally you can do a 5 minutes of training every week.
Do not Force this! If you don’t feel so good with 5 minutes extra then you can stay for another week or more on the same training time.

Always drink enough water or thirst quencher with sugars during exercise!
What you lose to moisture you have to drink while exercising.