Rowing machine, a combination of strength and cardio training.
The fitness rower may not be the most well-known cardio equipment, but it is no less efficient. In addition to building up your condition, the rower has the additional advantage that it strengthens many muscles. A nice combination of cardio and strength. The movement is quite simple which makes the device accessible from young to old.
Train the right way
The training must be carried out correctly. Tensioning the abdominal and back muscles is extremely important while rowing, to prevent injuries. Correct execution of the movement also means that you activate 20 to 25% more muscle fibers. Research shows that just 80% of your muscles are used while rowing. Hamstrings, thighs, abs and back muscles, arms and chest muscles… they are all addressed during training. So always try to keep your wrist stretched so that it is in line with your forearm.

Buckled feet while rowing

Sufficiently buckle up your feet also plays an important role during rowing. These give a feeling of stability and make it impossible to rotate the knee. When pushing off, make sure that you do not overextend your legs and perform the movement too far, as it were. Push off and stop when your leg is in a relaxed position. Work mainly on your leg muscles and not from your knee. Make your training a little different every time. Don’t do the same program over and over, but bring some variation. Almost every good rower has a race program, ideal for the competitive athlete in us.

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