The best way to lose weight is to exercise first and to pay attention to nutrition. To lose weight, you certainly don’t have to exercise too intensively from the start, but it is better to build up carefully to longer and calmer workouts. A simple nutritional advice is to start by simply reducing all portions. This way you get fewer calories and the weight scale goes down.

walking man on treadmill
Overweight walking man on treadmill.
  • Cross trainer VPS Elliptical 1Cross trainer VPS Elliptical 1 Quick View
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  • Adductor + Abductor machine V6819 VPS Quick View
    EAN: 5404030301444
    • Adductor + Abductor machine V6819 VPS Quick View
    • Adductor + Abductor machine V6819 VPS

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    • Adductor + Abductor machine developed according to the latest technology on the market. This device trains both adductors and abductors, so double use. The movement is completely biomechanical, which means that the movement completely follows the natural power angles of the human body. Because of this technology there is less tension in the joints and the muscles work optimally without…
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  • Ab Wheel Double Quick View
    EAN: 5404030303110
    • Ab Wheel Double Quick View
    • Ab Wheel Double

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    • The ab wheel (AB-wheel) is one of the oldest aircraft that was very popular in 1970 to train that annoying belly away. Today this handy thing has popped up again and is used in CrossFit and in many other fields such as cycling and athletics. Top athletes find this device convenient to take with you in the luggage.
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  • Vertical Knee Raise Body-Solid GVKR82Vertical Knee Raise Body-Solid GVKR82 Quick View
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