Treadmill T9100-L

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Professional treadmill for everyday use with easy-to-use console and soft suspension. Very nice price-quality ratio. Price delivered and installed free of charge on the zero floor.

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High-Quality Treadmill with Extensive Possibilities for Daily Use.

Unrivalled comfort :

The special suspension tread of our folding treadmill is designed with your comfort in mind, making walking on this treadmill super comfortable. Here are some details about the benefits of this advanced suspension system:

  1. Shock Absorption: The sprung tread reduces the impact on your joints, such as knees and ankles, with every step. As a result, the strain on your body is significantly reduced, which is especially beneficial for people with sensitive joints or who are recovering from injuries.
  2. Stability: The suspension system provides balanced support while walking, ensuring a stable and safe training experience. This is crucial, especially at higher speeds or intense workouts, where stability is essential.
  3. Less fatigue: The advanced suspension system not only absorbs shocks, but also reduces strain on muscles. This allows you to run longer without fatigue quickly, allowing you to achieve your training goals more effectively.
  4. Smooth Running: The resilience of the tread ensures a smooth and natural running motion. This makes it feel like you’re walking outside, while enjoying the benefits of training indoors.
  5. Less impact noise: The suspension tread also reduces noise levels, allowing you to have quiet and comfortable training sessions without disturbing others around you.

Step into a world of comfortable running with our high-performance treadmill, specially designed for everyday use and equipped with a comprehensive range of features.


This treadmill features a powerful 2.5 HP AC motor with a peak power output of 5 HP, similar to professional equipment, ensuring long-term durability and performance. AC stands for “alternating current,” and AC motors have some advantages that make them ideal for treadmills:

  1. Durability: AC motors are known for their robust construction and are designed for intensive use. This makes them ideal for home gym equipment where consistency and durability are essential.
  2. Quiet: AC motors are generally less noisy than DC motors, which makes for a quieter running experience. This is especially important if you’re training at home and want to maintain a calm environment.
  3. Powerful Performance: The higher peak power of AC motors means that the treadmill is able to handle rapid changes in speed and incline, giving you more versatility in your training program.

Speed Range: Adjust the speed between 0.5 and 20 km/h, allowing both beginner and advanced runners to find their ideal pace.


The easy-to-use console offers a range of possibilities. With the streamlined design, which matches the 9100 series exercise bike, recumbent bike and elliptical, it creates a uniform look in a gym with multiple pieces of equipment from the same line.

Heart rate measurement:

Heart rate measurement can be measured via the hands and via the chest strap.

Durable Components:

Our professional devices are thoroughly tested in our technical laboratory under harsh conditions, up to 900 hours. The 2.5 hp motor and control are subjected to extensive testing to ensure durability and reliability, making every VPS device a guarantee of top quality.

Extra Wide Tread with Safety Zone:

The spacious treadmill makes the treadmill accessible to less mobile people, while the reinforced frame provides additional stability, especially when the palm rests are held.

Built-in scale and innovative features:

Discover the VPS G90, our advanced treadmill with a built-in scale, which allows you to accurately monitor not only your running performance, but also your weight.

Upgrade your running experience today with our professional treadmill and experience the ultimate comfort with every step. Order now and transform your daily running routine.

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During the delivery of your treadmill, we take all waste from packaging back to our warehouse and we sort all types of waste so that they can be recycled. In this way, wood, plastic, styrofoam, metal and cardboard are fully recycled. VPS contributes to a greener world


Additional information

Weight 150 kg

L196cm × W85cm × H152cm

Dimensions running mat

145cm × 52cm, thickness 1,6mm



Max gebruikersgewicht

130 Kg


5 HP peak power, 2,5 HP


0,5 – 20 km/h

USB charger


Heart rate monitoring

via hands or chest strap

Polar band



2 years on parts and electronics



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