Treadmills for home use and professional use. VPS is selling nice treadmills at a fair price. We have been working under our own label for years and only choose high-quality parts. Each device is designed and extensively tested by us.

Extensively tested.

Motor, electronics and ball bearings were extensively tested. We have been in the fitness industry since 1983. We built our reputation through our correct service. We deliver and assemble the treadmills for free on the ground floor. You will not receive a puzzle of parts.

2 year warranty

You will enjoy the 2 year warranty by our own technical service.

All machines can be tested in our showroom in Merchtem.

Treadmills for private and professional use.

Our home treadmills are equipped with powerful motors. That way you run or walk smoothly.

Treadmill for safe walking indoors in a pleasant temperature and atmosphere.

A treadmill also has the advantage that you can stop whenever you want. There are also fewer injuries on the treadmill. You buy a treadmill for several reasons: buy a treadmill to lose weight, buy a treadmill for rehabilitation, buy a treadmill for daily running, buy a treadmill for walking. buy a treadmill for diabetes, buy a treadmill for medical testing, buy a treadmill for podiatry, buy a treadmill for the dog. A treadmill is simply a device that can be used for many purposes.

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