• Barbells

    Barbells (20)

    Training with bars and dumbbells is the foundation of all types of strength training. Back to basic has been steadily climbing in recent years and the good results are mainly the guiding thread of success here. Freeweight training is optimal for strength training.
  • Single stations

    Single stations (42)

    Strength Fitness Machines
  • Weights

    Weights (16)

    Fitness Weights, weight plates for regular bars diameter 30mm or diameter 50mm. Kettlebells and dumbbells. Wide choice and stock.
  • Parts Strength Equipment

    Parts Strength Equipment (5)

    All types of spareparts available for different brands of fitness strength equipment. Pulleys, steelcable, cable lockers, pop pins, selection pins.
  • Benches and Racks

    Benches and Racks (52)

    Benches and Racks Benches and racks are essential for strength training. VPS has set up various fitness centers since 1983. Since the beginning, we had our own production of equipment "made in Belgium" which evolved further with the fitness market. As you can see, the benches and racks have been developed according to the latest ergonomic standards. A biomechanics that…