Semi Recumbant Dual Ab Bench Body Solid GAB350

595,00 Incl BTW

With its unique design, you can easily get on and off the Body Solid GAB350. The adjustable seat and rollers are suitable for users of all lengths, resulting in maximum comfort and effective isolation of the entire abdominal muscle region. To increase the resistance you can use Olympic weight plates (50mm)

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Perform the most effective crunches possible with the Body Solid GAB350 Semi-Recumbant Dual Ab Bench regardless of your fitness level. With this abdominal muscle device you train your abdominal muscles to perfection by increasing or reducing the resistance by means of dumbbell discs. Thanks to the possibility to add counterweight, you can easily reduce the resistance.
In short… a device for beginner to advanced.

Additional information

Weight 44 kg



L 167 cm x W 72 cm x H 105.7 cm


Grey with black cushions


Body Solid

Body Solid is een fabrikant van krachttoestellen in Taiwan met een hoofdverdeling in USA. Degelijk afgewerkte producten. VPS verdeelt al 28 jaar Body Solid. [caption id="attachment_1309" align="alignnone" width="300"]multi functie apparaat Body solid G6b Multi Station Bodysolid G6 is een  multifunctioneel semi-professioneel apparaat.[/caption]
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