Fitness at work Stimulates Employees

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Company fitness stimulates employees

It has been widely proven that a healthy mind in a healthy body can work wonders. Fitness@work is a great investment. Since 1983 VPS has already set up numerous corporate fitness gyms and we have a lot of experience in this field. Small or large spaces ? Our professional advisors will be happy to help you put together a functional gym for each budget. A company fitness for a nice minimum budgete. For example, you can place an exercise bike, an elliptical bike or a treadmill.

Less absenteeism due to sports

Company fitness not only stimulates employees but also keeps them healthier and make brains reacting faster. It is true that employees who are sporting on regular base, are less sick.

If you put all advantages on a list… a company fitness is a succesfull investment. Let’s resume: 100% deductible cost + better performance = good investment.