Squat Rack Crossfit Pro V8903

6 045,00 Incl BTW

Squatrack professional full option. Equipped with safety system and fully adjustable at the right height. Very heavy finish. Plenty of possibilities. Equipped with 2 traction pulleys with stack weights. Very heavy finish.

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Squat rack professional model for crossfit training in the V-line.

Equipped with safety supports.

Equipped with landmine to do rowing with Olympic dumbbell.

Equipped with attachment points for elastic bands.

Equipped with shinning baar.

Adjustable hooks all over the length.

2 adjustable traction stations.

Storage for Olympic discs.

Finished in thick-walled profiles of 12.5 cm x 7.5 cm / 4 mm thickness

Color may differ from this photo.

Olympic barbell and discs not included.

Easy assembly with heavy bolts.

Mini-V-Line Cat
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Additional information

Weight 163 kg

183 Kg


151 cm x 146.5 cm x 246.5 cm h



VPS International is gespecialiseerd in fitness en gevechtsportmateriaal in het hogere kwaliteitssegment van de markt. VPS is gevestigd in Merchtem België.
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