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How was I a judogi ? – Can a judogi be put in the dryer?

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How do you wash a judo suit?
As a was advice we advise the first 3 times not to wash the judo suit higher than at 30 °C with a minimum of detergent. The first times the cotton will shrink too much at higher temperatures. Then you can wash the judogi at 40 °C.
We also recommend using a non-aggressive detergent to wash sportswear in general. Overly aggressive products are detrimental to health and are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin during exercise.

Can a judo suit be put in the dryer?
We certainly do not recommend putting a judo GI in the dryer for the first 10 washes.
And if you do, take a soft drying program.
Know that a judo suit shrinks more strongly if you dry it with the dryer and the cotton will wear out faster.
If your purchased suit is a little too big, you can give the suit some shrinkage in this way, but be careful if you have no experience with this yet. So in summary, the dryer is definitely not recommended for a judogi.