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How do you choose the right treadmill?

How do you choose the right treadmill?

When purchasing a treadmill, the following things are important to keep in mind.

Running deck

A large running surface is safe and reduces the risk of injuries due to missteps. Ideal is a surface area with a width of 45 cm. or more.

Min-max speed

Min-Max speed: Advice is to select a treadmill which has a maximum speed of at least 16 km/hour.


Damping: The running surface must be fitted with a damping layer to prevent injuries


Inclines: The most comfortable in use is a treadmill with an electronically adjustable incline. Then you can adjust the incline while exercising at the touch of a button. Ideal is a treadmill with an incline of at least 12 to 15.


Motor: A good treadmill is equipped with a drive through a DC motor. The power of the engine is of great importance. If the engine is less powerful, the weight of the user can stop the engine at low speeds. A good engine cannot be stopped at low speeds.


Training computer: A computer must display at least the following information: speed, time, distance, Calorieverbuik, and heart rate. More extensive computers with a variety of programs provide better motivation and varied training which will lead to results faster.

Emergency stop

Emergency STOP: For safety reasons, a good treadmill has an emergency stop system. This will cause the device to become disabled in case you were allowed to fall.

Weight of the treadmill

Weight of treadmill: the higher the weight, the Degel the construction.

Did you know ?…

Walking is heavier for a treadmill than walking on it ? For starting runners/hikers we will always recommend a heavier engine! Advice is motor with a power of at least 2.5 hp.

Maximum users weight

Maximum user weight: Good strong treadmill can be a user weight of 120 kilograms to.

Guarantee: You may not be able to do it immediately but guarantee is very important when you purchase. A device that is widely used must have a decent warranty and service. That is why it is important that you find out how long a company already exists. A company that for example already exists for 20 to 30 years is a serious reference to your decision to purchase. Always ask if there are spare parts in stock and go on the spot to see everything.

Did you know ?…

Weight loss is optimal at low heart rate. A treadmill with heart rate measurement or a Polar is a must!

However, the choice of a treadmill is always of a personal nature, how intensively are you going to use the treadmill, what are your goals, what is your budget etc. The above points are therefore considerations which you can take with you when you purchase your treadmill.


With which machine do I lose the most fat? Or… Â What device should I buy to lose weight? How do I get one tummy away? How do I get rid of fat buttocks?

Through Google and Youtube, you will have found stories about which device is best to burn fat. In Reality, On the other hand, the type of machine does not really matter.

Whichever movement you do it is purely about long training at a low heart rate and this 3 times a week with a posh and cautious construction. In terms this is called long duration training. Â and whether you’re doing this on a treadmill, an exercise bike or a elliptical doesn’t matter that much. You have to do what you love to do! One person prefers to walk and the others prefer to cycle. What you definitely need to know is that there are no miracle cures and certainly no magic. Just start exercising regularly and watching your diet is the message.

Many products can seriously harm the health. Always Consult your GP or a sports doctor before purchasing certain dietary supplements is the best advice we can give at VPS.

How to start training?

First of all we recommend to make an appointment with a sports doctor or a cardiologist! Normally they will take an EKG and take a thorough test on the test bike. From here you will find your throughput heart rate and this data is very important in further training.

At the doctor you can also get advice on which heart rate you are best to train in the first few months to achieve optimal fat burning. Normally you will have to train at low heart rate.

What is low heart rate?

Well, a simple rule of thumb is the following: (220-age) x 0.7 Â (example: For a person of 40 years old: (220-40) x 0.7 = 126 (attention! This is purely informative for a healthy person! Always follow the advice of your sports doctor or cardiologist!)

What is also nice to know is that you only start burning fat after 30 minutes. We can set this complex apart, but let’s explain this simply to make it easier to understand. So Simple explained… First you have to get your BBQ going before you can bake, that’s exactly how it works in your body. First you warm the body for 30 minutes and only then you go to burning fats. In terms we speak of aerobic and anaerobic training. This theory we are not going to explain in detail here as this is quite complex matter.

If you don’t do any sport for years then you should start cycling or moving at a chatter pace with about ten minutes. As long as you can easily talk while exercising, you are normally perfectly in your green heart rate zone. Build up this time gradually to train for 1 hour. Normally you can do a 5 minutes of training every week. Do not Force this! If you don’t feel so good with 5 minutes extra then you can stay for another week or more on the same training time. Your own body is always the best barometer. Don’t be chased by others and make sure there’s no competition in the beginning. Training must remain pleasant both mentally and physically. To make it mentally easier we have 1 golden tip. While exercising, try to avoid staring at the console. Minutes can be painfully slow to tap the clock.

Therefore, first consider where you will place your device. Preferably do not place them in a corner of your house. You know the proverb… Out of the eye from the heart.

We always recommend that you place your device in such a way that you can combine this with watching television. Instead of just sitting in the plop, you can easily watch your favourite programmes. The usefulness to the pleasant mating is thus the message and you will notice, time flies so over.

You are what you eat… Here the basics in a few lines.

When you start a training building, be sure to pay attention to what you eat. It’s actually quite simple. If you have a kantoorjob you do not eat as a construction worker. So don’t eat more than your daily calorie needs. Please do not go to extreme diets that will bother you all day. Just eat smaller portions than you normally take. At the end of the day there is already less Cal on the day counter. Count this out on 1 month and you will be amazed at the result. It is always usefull to count in calories what you eat. It is therefore useful to have a list on the Internet Zoekenmet values of certain beverages and regular foods, including sweets and alcoholic beverages. Example: 1 Trappist is about 1 hour of training to get it back. 1 bar Mars is also about 45 minutes of training. If you keep this in the visor, the results are fast.

Finally, this

Always Drink enough water while exercising! What you lose to moisture is to drink while exercising. Here we learn that the scales are going to stand before and after the workout does not have much use for ordinary health training. For top athletes this is obviously very important because during training there is enough to be drunk and the coach can check this in this way.

Drinking while walking

It is important to moisturize the body well while walking on a treadmill. And this money actually for any type of training. In normal circumstances you should count on 1 drinkbus per hour on the treadmill. This seems a lot but is definitely needed. You should not underestimate the treadmill within walking. In principle the weight before and after the workout may not differ as much as most think. If you are 1 Kg lighter after the workout, that Misshien is fun to see but then you should definitely drink half a litre of water to moisturize your body. For heavier trainings we recommend adding thirst quencher with sugars to keep the sugar stock on the arrow and to get a solid fat burning. Without sugars, you will not burn fat and only directly extract proteins from the body. Sugar is the wick to the fat to express it simply. After about 30 minutes the Glicogeenvoorraad is gone and you have to take sugars to stay on the strength. People who are easily cramped can possibly add electroliten such as eg. Salt, calium, magnesium which are just about the best known. A salt-sweater generally needs more salt in his daily food in order not to get problems during longer and intensive training.

Eating while walking

This is especially applicable for long duration trainings. Best to take all the training in sugar-rich food to fill the gasoline tank well. In General, it is ideal to eat the 30 minutes of solid food during training. From 2 hours of training you better switch to gels that are absorbed faster by the body. So regular drinking and eating during long workouts is ideal and keeps you on strength.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We at VPS are always ready to help and support our customers. Simply selling the most expensive item is not our ambition at all. We are always looking for the appliance tailored to our customers. We first listen to the client and then make the choice of the appliance together. What is the customer’s goal? Is it for 1 person or a whole family? Daily or sporadic use? Rehabilitation? These are just a few points that play a role in the choice of your device. We do our job with a lot of passion and dedication and we want to transfer this to our customers. The customer must leave with a good feeling so that he can start training with full courage. VPS already has an extensive customer base that has been built up by good mouth to mouth publicity. We therefore strive to maintain our good name and, if possible, even improve it.