Squat Rack Bodysolid GPR370

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Squat Rack GPR370 Bodysolid is a sturdy and stable squat rack for a safe workout. This is a semi professional squat stand which is heavily finished and very sturdy. With the extra safety supports you can squat or bench press in all safety.

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Squat Rack GPR370 Body Solid is a strong and stable Squat Rack for a safe workout.

A multi press rack like this one is a must for any athlete who does strength training.
This is a semi professional squat stand which is heavily finished and very sturdy.
The extra safety restraints allow you to squat only safely.
If you train heavily, it is important to be able to train up to the limit for a better result.
Many people have suffered a back or leg injury, so prevention and safety are very important here.

The GPR370 is a solid device that has a 4-point wide base for extra stability and under a slope of 7 °.
The lift-off/hooks are positioned so that during the execution of squats, calf raises, lunges, dead-lifts, upright rows The bar can always be safely put back. You can add any Body-Solid bench to increase your workout possibilities. If you want to maintain your muscle condition or build strength and muscle mass, everything is possible with this Multi-Press Rack.

This rack has 14 hooks so you don’t have to set anything at height.
Device contains 4 mounts for storing Olympic weights
7 ° Slope for more results and safety

Two 40 cm long supports provide extra safety when using the loose bass
Allows heavy use, up to 450 kg

Professional high quality 5 cm x 7.5 cm steel frame
Ideal for home and commercial use
Max weight Possible: 454 kg

Discs, ingots and closing pieces are optional.

Additional information

Weight 63,5 kg

147 cm x 100 cm x 152 cm


63,5 Kg


Body Solid

Body Solid is een fabrikant van krachttoestellen in Taiwan met een hoofdverdeling in USA. Degelijk afgewerkte producten. VPS verdeelt al 28 jaar Body Solid. [caption id="attachment_1309" align="alignnone" width="300"]multi functie apparaat Body solid G6b Multi Station Bodysolid G6 is een  multifunctioneel semi-professioneel apparaat.[/caption]
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