Shoulder press Professional V6804

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Shoulder Press with Convergent movement. Separate movement of the arms. Finished for intensive use.

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Shoulder press or shoulder pres according to the latest technology on the market. With this device, the shoulder muscles are trained. The different handles allow both the front and the back to be trained. A convergent shoulder press gives a nicer shape to the shoulders. The movement is completely biomechanical and convergent, which means that the movement completely follows the natural power angles of the human body. Because of this technology there is less tension in the joints and the muscles work optimally without overload at the start.

Thanks to the unique adjustment system of the seat, you will always have the perfect posture during the training. Poor posture during training can help with injuries. These seats are finished in high-quality artificial leather with double stitching.

Ergonomic handles made of high-quality material ensures a dispersion of the pressure force over the entire arm, along with a correct posture on the course of the whole movement.

Price delivered and installed ground floor.

A quote can be made for delivery on a floor case by case. Possibly using moving lift if possible.

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