Rotary Torso Machine Professional V6818

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Rotary torso machine for training the abdominal muscles. This latest generation of power appliances combines technology and design from the top line. This abdominal muscle machine has been developed according to the latest technology.

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Rotary torso machine for optimal training of the lateral abdominal muscles.

This rotary torso machine has been developed according to the latest technology. The transmissions are calculated so that the muscle always has the right compressive force over the entire movement. This machine trains both abdominal muscles and obliquus left and right. With this feature this unit is a single of its kind. The position on this unit is such that it cannot be trained incorrectly. This machine has a continuous transition from one exercise to another. With this unit, people with back problems can strengthen their abdominal belt muscles without risk.


The movement is completely biomechanical, which means that the movement completely follows the natural power angles of the human body. Because of this technology there is less tension in the joints and the muscles work optimally without overload at the start. These seats are finished in high-quality artificial leather with double stitching. All parts are of high quality by VPS selected based on years of experience.

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