Your specialist in spinning bikes. Train safely indoors during the winter months. Ideal time to sharpen the strength in the legs.

Spinning has been a household name in every gym and even living room for years. The VPS-Tech series is therefore your ideal partner to get through the chilly, cold winter or to complete your training during rainy days without the risk of catching a cold or falling. Our 2 professionally designed bikes have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a spinner with chain drive or belt drive, we at VPS can help you. We have both classically braked spinners and magnetically braked indoor cycles.

Spinning bike in your living room

With the spinning bike in your living room, you are less likely to skip a workout in bad weather. No cleaning work or extensive maintenance after your training, but simply removing your sweat is sufficient after your finished training. By the way, did you know that every spinner in our VPS Tech series has been given a special zinc bath to prevent rust? All spinning bikes have double pedals, both spd and for normal shoes. Did you know that many well-known professional athletes train on our bikes? Vps is happy to help you with the choice of your spinner and is always ready to answer all your questions afterwards.