Multi Chin up for Bodysolid GPR400 SPRCU

215,00 Incl BTW

Chin-up upgrade. Perform the pull and chin-up from multiple positions thanks to the SPRCU multi-grip chin up bar.

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This Body-Solid Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar can be used on the GPR400 Power Rack. Thanks to this bar you can provide the rack with a multigrip chin up bar which makes it possible to perform the pull and chin up from multiple grip positions.

Are you a proponent of multigrip? Then be sure to check out our Olympic multi grip bar.

Additional information

Weight 13,7 kg

L 107.5 cm x W 40 cm x H 16.4 cm


Body Solid

Body Solid is een fabrikant van krachttoestellen in Taiwan met een hoofdverdeling in USA. Degelijk afgewerkte producten. VPS verdeelt al 28 jaar Body Solid. [caption id="attachment_1309" align="alignnone" width="300"]multi functie apparaat Body solid G6b Multi Station Bodysolid G6 is een  multifunctioneel semi-professioneel apparaat.[/caption]
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