Bi-Angular Gym Body Solid G10B

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Body Solid Multi Gym G10B. Working out with your family? A complete training in your home environment? The G10B makes it possible. The bi-angular station guarantees a guided movement. With more than 50 unique exercises, the Body-Solid G10B is your ideal training partner for a head-to-toe workout.

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Body-Solid G10B Bi-Angular 2 Stack Multi Gym offers more than 50 unique exercises. The product features the Bi-Angular Technology, with arms that guide users for optimal execution of the movement.

The Body-Solid G10B Bi-Angular 2 stack Multi Gym also features a perfect Pec station, equipped with rotating arms, an adjustable range of movement and is designed for both unilateral and bilateral movements to get a maximum stretch for deep muscle toning.


Additional features include lumbar support, two-for-three-inch (W x D) steel frame, and the G10B features a 95 KG stacks that allow multiple users to perform exercises simultaneously.


Body Solid

Body Solid is een fabrikant van krachttoestellen in Taiwan met een hoofdverdeling in USA. Degelijk afgewerkte producten. VPS verdeelt al 28 jaar Body Solid.

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Weight 423 kg

L 182.8 cm x W 302.3 cm x H 212 cm


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