Why not buying refurbished treadmills or exercise bikes?

There are quite a few questions and ambiguities around refurbished fitness machines and in this post we hope to bring some clarity to this.

  1. What is a refurbished fitness machine ? Refurbished devices are glorified second-hand devices that you overpay highly. Old machines are taken over from a fitness center to be able to place new machines and these old machines are then mainly chalked up on the outside to look as beautiful as possible. Technically, it is replaced whatever is broken so that the device can work. However, refurbishing such devices are limited to a lick of paint and a few plastic covers that are replaced to look good. Sometimes you really don’t want to see what such a device looked like before the refurbishing, believe me. Especially more expensive brands try to get rid of their second-hand material at extortionate prices in this way. In this way, the 2nd hand value of their products remains artificially high. The real value is a lot lower.
  2. Is it advisable to buy a refurbished device like a treadmil or cycle? In our opinion, you pay way too much for what you get. It is and remains a second-hand device and that may cost a maximum of half or less of the net selling price. Often the price is compared with the gross list price of a device and that is never the case for professional material. In our opinion, you are served cheaper with a new device with a solid warranty. So the answer to this question is “No, you better not buy a refurbished treadmill or exercise bike”
  3. What if you still want to buy a refurbished device at a very low price? If you think you can still do a business, make sure that the invoice is given a decent guarantee without too much small print. For example, a 2-year warranty. Buying a second-hand device always involves a risk and you have to cover that as well as possible.
  4. Always try to find out the production date of a device. These labels can usually be found on the inside of a device or on the bottom. This is not always a reference because these images are sometimes removed or replaced by counterfeit production stickers.