Treadmill G90 PRO

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Treadmill for professional use with alternating AC motor. Treadmill with very strong finished frame. This treadmill has an AC engine of 2 HP with a peak power of 4 HP.

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Semi professional treadmill with AC or also called alternating motor.

Treadmill with very strong finished frame. This treadmill has an AC engine of 2.5 HP with a peak power of 5 HP.

With its carrying capacity of up to 130 kg, this treadmill is able to absorb shocks like no other. This treadmill gives the same feeling as walking on a Finnish piste.

Heavy Duty Motor

This treadmill has an AC or alternating engine of 2.5 Hp with a peak power of up to 5 Hp. Our motors and controls are tested up to 900 hours in the technical lab to ensure quality. This makes all the difference when you buy a device from VPS. All our devices are subjected to strict tests.

Shock Absorbing Treadmill

This treadmill features a VPS Ultra-deck on a VPS TECH suspension.
An ergonomic running mat of 2.2 mm gives extra walking comfort. This appliance is equipped with solid footrests that can be used on all substrates. This allows this treadmill to be stable in place without leaving any traces behind. If you want a protective mat underneath the appliance, protective puzzle tiles of 1 cm (optional) can be placed underneath the appliance. Via this link you can view the protective floor.


Why vps keeps models in the range for a long time? First of all, it is for our customers to be able to supply all spare parts in case of a defect. Most companies can no longer supply spare parts after 4 years, which means that your device is no longer repairable. At VPS we think further and we can say that we have at least 10 years of spare parts in stock of just about all models in the range. This is certainly an important point to consider.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery and placement is free on the ground floor. For delivery on the first floor, an additional cost of 150 € is charged.

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Orders outside the Belgian borders are sent in box on pallet. You can always contact us to make further arrangements for the installation on site. We like to deliver all over Europe.

After-sales service
For the After sales service and service we put the bar very high. Installation, maintenance and repairs are done by our own service and that is very important, (Within Belgium).

Additional information


141 Kg

Max gebruikersgewicht

130 Kg


2 HP AC motor


1 – 20 Km/h




H 203 cm x w 91 cm x h 153 cm

Walking area

52 cm x 145 cm

Polar ontvanger



6 programs

Tablet holder




Weighing sensors

Integrated weighing function.



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