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Sports at high temperatures

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Sports in extremely high temperatures is in any case not recommended!

For the Die Hards some tips.


Always make sure you wear appropriate clothing when exercising under high temperatures. It sounds strange but Black protects you best from the sun. Be sure to choose technical clothing. This is clothing that allows the sweat to evaporate faster and thus provides a certain cooling. Under a cycling jersey you can also wear a sweat shirt that ensures that the sweat evaporates extremely quickly. When cycling we recommend a white helmet as it reflects the sun better than a black helmet. Always put on a cap while walking. There are also technical caps that provide extra cooling of the head.


Drinking is best done every 15 minutes to keep your water supply up to date. If you do not do this, you risk being dehydrated with the consequences such as turning, headaches, loss of strength, loss of balance or even unconsciousness,

Water alone won’t get you there! Make sure your drink contains enough sugars and minerals (Electrolytes). At the pharmacy or specialty stores you will find thirst quenchers for the drinking bottle with the most common minerals that you need during exercise. I always recommend trying a few different brands and flavors. This way you discover for yourself which product works best and what bothers you the least. For shorter workouts this does not matter so much, but with long-term training of 4 hours and longer you can suffer from stomach and intestines with certain thirst quenchers. Salt sweaters should add extra salt to the drinking bottle to avoid cramps. Athletes who are really sensitive to cramps should take extra Electrolytes. These ensure that the muscles continue to work optimally under extreme conditions. Top athletes go even deeper into detail on this topic as it makes the difference between winning or losing.


Try (if possible) to always exercise along the side of the shade. Even if it is only a few minutes that you can enjoy this cooling, it really helps.


As extra cooling, you can always bring an extra drinking bottle with only water to cool the head extra. If you exercise in the high mountains, you have many water sources along the side where you can refresh yourself and catch your breath. (it is best not to drink this water if you are not sure that this is a source)

Always listen to your body ! Trop is too much ! Know for yourself how far you can go while exercising in extreme heat.

If you feel really unwell during a workout, stop training immediately and find a cool place to cool off and recover. Keep drinking ! If you continue to feel unwell, call 112 or activate the 112 App on your Smartphone. The emergency services then know perfectly where you are and can help them as quickly as possible. The people of the emergency centre also remain on the line until the emergency services are on the spot. If they cannot find you visually immediately and you are no longer conscious, they can have the smartphone make a loud signal that can be heard at a greater distance. The 112 App is therefore very important!