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Lose weight by walking on treadmill

Walking is a very underestimated effort that can certainly contribute to serious weight loss or fat burning as we sometimes call it. Walking at a regular pace is ideal to build fitness at a low heart rate. A low heart rate by that we mean a pace at which you can still talk and / or laugh perfectly while walking. There is absolutely no point in walking faster and then stopping faster. What we recommend is especially the duration of the training carefully to increase if you do not yet have a basic condition. Caution is important for your heart muscle as well as for your joints and tendons and this applies to any sport you want to practice.

The advantage of walking on the treadmill is that you can stop whenever you want. If you walk outside, you always have to take into account that the way back can be quite strong during the first walking training sessions. If it is too cold or too hot outside, you can feel free to take a walk on the treadmill in the temperature to your liking.

If there is really too much overweight or severe obesity, we recommend that you first cycle slowly on a sturdy exercise bike. Walking is certainly not recommended in this case because of the high load on joints and tendons that have not exercised for a long time. On an exercise bike, the saddle carries most of the weight and the leg muscles can be strengthened in a safe way. Once cycling goes smoothly and there is already a basic condition, exercise bike and treadmill can be combined. For example, you can ride the exercise bike for 15 minutes and then walk on the treadmill for another 15 minutes. Every week you can extend the time of the training and you will be amazed by the results.

Don’t forget to drink while exercising. If you train for more than 30 minutes, you should definitely provide sugars in your drinking bottle. Attention! if there is diabetes or diabetes, different rules apply and you discuss this with your general practitioner or specialist.

Without carbohydrates you do not burn fats. Sugars or carbohydrates are the fuse to the fat and so you can convert fat into energy for the muscles. If you do not take sugars during workouts of more than 30 minutes, your body will look for protein and this will lead to breakdown of the muscles instead of building up. Stiff leg muscles and no strength gain are often a consequence of this.

How do you know if you were taking in enough carbohydrates during training? Well this is pretty simple. If you have a sweat smell that smells like ammonia during or after training, you have taken too few carbohydrates during training.

This is a simple explanation that can be understood by everyone and will give an optimal result of your training.

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