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How to choose a Crosstrainer ?

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What should you pay attention to when buying an elliptical cross trainer? What types of elliptical crosstrainers are there? Is an crosstrainer with a flywheel in the front better? What is the difference between a long and a short crosstrainer?

So a lot of questions about the crosstrainer. We try to bring you some clarification about the Elliptical trainer or Crosstrainer.

In general, you can say that there are 2 types of crosstrainers, the crosstrainer with a flywheel in the front or the flywheel in the rear. Crosstrainers with the flywheel in front usually have movable footrests that follow the movement completely ergonomically and offer more comfort during training. With crosstrainers with the flywheel at the rear, the footrests are tilted and you get more heel stroke and pressure on the ball of the foot. The advantage of these types is that they can be built more compactly and therefore take up less space in the living room.

In the braking system you also have 2 types; i.e. magnetic mechanical and electromagnetic. With the mechanical magnetic brake, a magnet moves to the flywheel by help of a servo motor or a mechanical rotary knob. In the electromagnetic systems, the resistance is made by a generator that is controlled by the electronics. This system is usually stand-alone and makes its own energy. these are therefore a lot more expensive but the operation is very smooth. Professional machines are always equipped with an electromagnet.

A long or a short crosstrainer ? Which one works best ?

The longer the device, the longer the elliptical movement is. The shorter the device, the shorter the steps. Professional machines are usually 2 meters long and this length gives the ideal elliptical movement. Short crosstrainers (type of supermarket) give little movement and often give rise to overloading of joints and tendons.

In case of lack of space, it is certainly advisable to go for a regular exercise bike earlier.