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How long walking on treadmill ?

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First, let’s start with the beginning and ask the question, how do I start walking on a treadmill.

If you have never walked on a treadmill before, start as follows:

  1. Plug into the power outlet and turn on the treadmill.
  2. Now stand on the treadmill and hold the rail with 1 hand and press start.
  3. Then grab the 2nd rail and step with the pace of the treadmill. This can be a bit strange but you get used to it quickly.
  4. Now press the right “+” to gently increase the speed to your normal walking speed. Keep holding the rails so you feel safe. Once the trust is there, you can let go of the rails and step with your hands loose. Less mobile people should hold both rails for better stability.

Once you have left and have mastered everything well, you can start building up your walking sessions. So you can start with 5 minutes and carefully build up to 1 hour or more. If you have muscle pain after training, you may have stepped a little too much and you should take some gas back.

Above all, make sure that you step quietly at a chatter pace the first time.

Tip: keep walking flat for the first few weeks. When using the automatic incline, your muscles have to adapt to posture and this can cause some muscle pain or sore tendons.