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Drinking during training

What do you drink during a workout? How much do you drink during a workout?

It is important to moisturize the body well during any workout. And this applies to any type of training. In normal circumstances, you should count on 1 drinking bottle per hour of cardio training.

This seems a lot but is definitely needed. Training indoors is not to be underestimated. In principle the weight before and after the workout may not differ as much as most think. If you are 1 Kg lighter after training, that may be nice to see on the scale, but then you should drink at least half a liter of water to hydrate your body again.

For heavier workouts, we advise to add thirst quencher with sugars to keep the sugar supply up and to get a decent fat burning.

Without sugars, you will not burn fat and only directly extract proteins from the body. In other words, your muscles will burn out.

Sugar is the wick to the fat to express it simply. After about 20-30 minutes, the glycogen supply is gone and you have to take sugars to stay on strength. People who easily go into cramping can possibly add extra electrolytes such as Salt, Calium, Magnesium which are just about the best known. A salt sweater as we popularly call it generally needs more salt in zen daily diet to avoid problems during longer and intense workouts.

How do I know if I was taking in enough sugars during training?

If you smell a bright smell of ammonia in your clothes after training, you have taken too little sugar during exercise and you have burned proteins from your body to get energy for your muscles. This is totally separate from the salt that sticks to your skin like crystals and in your clothes that leaves white stains.

Drinking every how many minutes while exercising?

Let us say that every 15 minutes it is best to take a good sip of thirst quencher. You can easily keep track of this on your timer of your cardio machine or if you train with a sports watch you can set an alarm that gives a signal to drink every 15 minutes. In slightly colder weather it is insidious that you drink less because you are less thirsty but it is really a must to keep drinking regularly to keep your sugar and moisture on point.