CPAP Masks
CPAP masks

Masks are the most discussed part of the CPAP. It is important that the pressure mask fits properly. This way you prevent leaks. There are 3 main types:

Nose Mask

The hood only covers the nose. This is used the most.
Nose and mouth mask (full-face mask)
Covers both nose and mouth. It is used in particular with persistent mouth breathing.

Nose caps (nasal pillow mask)

Relatively small caps that press against the nose from below. They cover the face the least. They are particularly satisfactory for quiet sleepers with low pressure.

Choice of the device

Apnea patients sleep every night for the rest of their lives with a cpap device. No wonder they want to influence the choice of device. Some CPAPs have Flex technology, which makes breathing out easier. Other CPAs are small and light and therefore easy to take on a trip.