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CPAP Divices

CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, is a device used to treat sleep apnea, a condition where an individual regularly stops breathing during sleep. The CPAP machine works by blowing air at a set pressure through a mask worn over the nose or mouth, keeping the airway open during sleep and allowing the individual to continue breathing. This can help to reduce symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, and concentration problems and can also contribute to improvements in heart and cardiovascular health. Additionally, it can also help alleviate snoring, which can affect the sleep quality of the bed partner.

A good night’s sleep is worth gold

Not only for you but also for your partner! No more snoring from day one! Few people realize that they have an oxygen deficiency during their sleep. You literally wake yourself up a few times a night. Because of this your sleep is interrupted in different phases which causes a heavy head, mood swings, headaches …

CPAP device

Everyone knows the feeling of not sleeping late despite a (seemingly) good night’s sleep. With our cpap devices we accept all these problems at the source. CPAP devices are devices for treating APNEU sleep disorder and snoring problems, among other things. The devices provide constant pressure in the respiratory tract and result in regular breathing, which causes you to fall into the deep sleep phase.

Snoring not so innocent

Not only your partner but you yourself get tired and since your sleep is not optimal you can compare this with a swamp in which you slowly sink together. Not only on a physical level but also on a relational level this can weigh heavily. Talk to your doctor about it, there are indeed solutions for this condition.

Is a doctor’s prescription required?

We advise you to consult your doctor / pulmonologist or cardiologist before purchasing a CPAP device. In this way the device can be optimally adjusted and sometimes unknown heart problems come to light.