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Buy Spinning Bike or Exercise Bike ?

If you are not sure which of the two bikes you should buy, we will give you more information about the difference between a spinning bike and an exercise bike.

Let’s start with the spinning bike. A spinning bike is a sporty bike that you can compare with a road bike or mountain bike to train indoors. Spinning bikes usually have a sporty handlebar and a harder sporty saddle. Comfort is therefore clearly in second place. For longer training sessions, we recommend wearing real bib shorts like all sporty cyclists wear on the Road Bike or MTB. These bikes especially invite you to take a firm stand for a workout of 1 hour or longer. On a spinning bike you can train both strength and endurance and it is therefore recommended to train with a sports watch or Polar band so that you can train in the right way.

A spinning bike is also equipped with a fixed bottom bracket. This means that the flywheel does not have a freewheel and therefore continues to turn like a Piste bike. This certainly has advantages if you want to ride loose after a heavy training outside, for example.

In summary, we can say that a spinning bike is a bike for sporty, intensive training with less comfort.

A classic exercise bike, on the other hand, can be used for various purposes such as Rehabilitation, Losing Weight, Staying Fit.

On a regular exercise bike you sit comfortably on a wider saddle and you can compare the posture with the posture on a regular city bike. A straighter posture is also recommended if you watch television during training to relieve the neck muscles.

The exercise bike is a bike for everyone and that is why we also recommend it for general fitness training and rehabilitation. From trained athletes to less mobile seniors can cycle on an exercise bike without any problems.

In general, an exercise bike also has an on-board computer with numerous data such as speed, rpm, time, wattage, heart rate.

The slightly more expensive models even have programs with automatic adjustment of the resistance.

In short, a person who just wants to exercise for health or wants to cycle indoors during the winter months should buy a regular exercise bike.